XFileSharing Pro - i wasn never made aware

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i wasn never made aware

#1 Postby thefilebus » Aug 02, 2009 10:28 pm

I was never made aware of any updates, and i check back to see 2 new version have been made, but im just out of my 1 year time frame. (which for 120 bucks should be longer for security UPDATES!)

I feel like i have been ripped off, this script is buggy as hell, support is horrible, and im sorry I ever bought it.

from not being able to tell it how many days to show the catalog, to having 2 instances of every file, but i cant delete either one or it dont work!!

so instead of 60 gig, it has 120 gig.. I came on here, found nothing in the forum about the multiple files, and found that multiple versions had been released.

gee, thanks!

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#2 Postby PilgrimX182 » Aug 03, 2009 6:21 am

1) [email protected] ?

2) Can't be Multiple instances of one same file since we don't multiply files any way.

3) After all your post sounds like you want a free support prolongation. So no wonder you're so emotional to manipulate us.

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you have to keep up

#3 Postby amon » Feb 13, 2010 1:36 pm

In the damn sharing business, you have to keep up with new stuff whether in the forum or generally at the competitors sites. besides, yes support sometimes is slow but you can get them, they are around. go for Alex or other admins on msn, didn't find them, go for an e-mail, keep checking.

in sharing business if you didn't look after yourself, you will get slaughtered. this is the rule.

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#4 Postby PowerChaos » Feb 13, 2010 11:52 pm

its like my company (o yea i run my own company :D)

they complain to me if i dont answer on msn
and then they expect from me that i can answer in 10 seconds when 100 persones are talking at me at the same time ( got over the 700 persones on msn now and still growing)

so sometimes i am not even avaible on msn , only for persones who realy need me (and still then , i need a break sometimes o.O)

but using emails to ask for support ?? never heard of it
using ticket service ?? whats that ??

o he dont answer on msn , so thats a crappy support ... using email ?? whats a email ??

there are serveral ways to contact support , in my case it are 3 ways , for this company it are 3 ways

1) try msn , does it not works ?? go to step 2 or wait if you dont care

2) send a email?? you will always get a reply , if you dont get a reply check why you dont get a reply

3) ?? well , lets see ?? maybe on the place you are reading this post ??
a forum is a good place to ask support and to get support from other members o.O
and mostly it is the fastest way to get support because then they are not alone and other persones can fix your problems to

so before complaining about support and saying that you can do it better , feel free to try it like i do and other company's to provide a fast and good resposne

and you will notice , its not that easy as it seems to be , and specialy , your not alone

support takes time , the Quality of support is based on the soltion and not on time

a good example

some1 cant install the scritp for the 500 error page , the solution is wrong cmod

now you send a email for it
they answer back in 2 hours and they say its cmod that is wrong
still that problem and you contact them again (you dont know what to cmod and to where ?? or do you ?? )

now the response with Quality ^^

they response to you after 8 hours (because they are buzzy)
and this is the response you get

Cmod all .pl and .cgi files to 755 and be sure all the files are in the cgi-bin folder

see difference of support ??

the quality is the response you get , the time is just a damm thing of humans
every1 likes fast , but i like Quality
i dont like to send 500 emails for a small solution , so if it takes them longer to answer or to fix something is ok for me , but it get fixed :D
and mainly it is faster fixed then you need to send 500 emails

then to answer your complain about the updates

who need to check for updates ??
who need to make time to check the site on differend times ??
who need to download the new upgrades ??

answer those 3 questions above and you see that it is your mistake
they dont need to send you a email (does it stands in tos that hey warn you of upgrades ?? is there a written rule that they need to warn you ?? , maybe first read the tos ?? like 95% doesnt do )

Greets From PowerChaos
ps: i know how you feel , but i know that you dont know how a company feels :D , because then you need to be a company first to undestand whats the life of a company owner is ^^

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#5 Postby admin » Feb 14, 2010 8:54 am

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