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Incomplete MP3 downloads reported by users...

#1 Postby FZee » Jun 11, 2012 5:19 pm


First of all, I've spoken to my host. The host says the server is OK, no errors or anything. Their network is working fine. So the webhost is confident the script is causing this error i'm about to explain below

Everyday i get about 20+ emails from users saying this:
- Help, songs only play 20secs in windows-media player
- Help, songs are not downloading properly (2MB instead of 8MB)
- Sometimes MP3's are corrupt, what can i do ~?

Now, I've NEVER experienced this issue myself, because I use my xfs site to listen to audio tracks uploaded by users.

My server info is:
- XFS Version 1.8
- Apache 2
- Download mode: "dl.cgi"

Why am I using "dl.cgi" instead of "direct-links" ? - This is because It's pointless to give users FULL speed for mp3 files and my network is only 100MBPS, So I must limit the speed for each user, so that I don't get any network bottlenecks. Especially streaming.

So does any one have any idea what causes the MP3 files to download incomplete or get corrupted ?

Thanks to anyone who replies.

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