XUpload - Install on IIS, pathing problems

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Install on IIS, pathing problems

#1 Postby red_ifo » Mar 09, 2010 5:15 pm

I have:
IIS (6 I believe but I'm not sure)
Xupload Pro 3

I've followed the install tips for IIS but am still having a problem with it. When run I get the following error:

Fatal Error: Can\'t copy file from temp dir (No such file or directory)

I have changed my XUploadConfig.pm file to contain this for the temp directory:

# Directory for temporary using files
temp_dir => 'd:\\inetpub\\mydomain\\cgi-bin\\temp',

This directory has 777 currently for permissions. What am I doing wrong with the paths? I very very rarely work on IIS systems so I'm not completely clear on how to enter the paths, but this is what env.php gave me.

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