XUpload - Multiple Large File Upload (150MB+) Fails

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Multiple Large File Upload (150MB+) Fails

#1 Postby dft » Nov 17, 2008 3:25 pm


* Script type: Pro
* Browser: IE and FF
* OS: XP and Vista (Browser)
Linux/Apache (Server type)

We have Xupload pro. Having problems uploading multiple large files. Each file is 50MB+. After 10min or so, the upload stops and the progress bar freezes. We see in the httpd error log:

[Mon Nov 17 00:43:46 2008] upload.cgi: CGI.pm: Server closed socket during multipart read (client aborted?).

We have tried the following with no success:

(a) Went through the sticky notes on the forum and tried everything you have suggested.

(b) In the server httpd conf file, we have increased the timeout values and restarted httpd server.

Timeout 6000
KeepAliveTimeout 120

Please help. I will send you the upload link via pm.


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