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Hi @ all!

I want to tell you about our experience with posonline.it and show you that he is not telling the truth and scam xfs clients.

We started using posonline 4 weeks ago and got told we get our 1st payment after 4 weeks.

Ok. We believed him and used his service for our site.

We processed around 7000 € through his service between 4th August - 20th of August

This is what happened in that time:

We have premium accounts from 5 $ - 250 $

A lot of users bought the smaller accounts but some of them also the bigger ones like 250 $

Before we got some chargebacks he was friendly replied on emails and on tickets.

He also asked us to help when he receives a chargeback of Mastercard or Visa.

Ok no problem. Why shouldn't we help him to avoid problems.

After some time he sent us an email and asked us about a client that was probably fraud.

We received 4 payments within' a short time with small and big amounts with different IP addresses.

He told us "Security Department" checked those payments (I'm sure he just checked the IP by himself or a computer program did it for him)

I have the feeling he is a "1 Man Company" and not a big Company with a real security department or something. Which company writes in a forum 1AM GMT+1

Ok. whatever. So he told us we should check those payments if this client is real or not.

He also mentioned that he found 7 other payments (150-250 $) that will probably be fraud.

Why only big payments??? Very strange....

I tried to solve this problem with him and told him I will check those clients. I found out that the 4 payments that were made in a short time are probably scam.

I told him ok it looks very strange you can make a chargeback. Because who will buy 2 lifetime accounts at the same time.

I banned this user. Right after that I got a message I shall come to chat and talk to this user about his banned account.

At that time I didn't know he was a big scammer (the client). I told posonline that this client is a true client and he wanted to buy this account for his family and friends.

He was lying to me (the client)

Right after I told this to posonline he wanted to have all informations about the client. chatlog. messenger computer log etc. also user details of our website.

If we would not do this he will report us and our company to local police department. This was the situation everything started to go crazy with posonline.

I told him we cannot give him any user informations. I mean we cannot give out some user informations. Whatever the user did. Only the police can ask us for such informations.

At the end it was clear. We got scammed too by this user! Probably we've been victims of someone who wants to shutdown filehosts.

After that he activated the OTP SMS function in our client area... To protect us from scammers :) At the moment we ask ourselves who the scammer is!

Right after the SMS function was activated the first users complained about that it doesn't work. He forgot to activate that users put the "0" in the field for their phone number and not without "0"

Like 01234 and not 1234. So every potential client got an error message that the payment could not be done because the number was wrong.

We told him and sent him an email about the SMS problem. We also sent him an email about the future of our business relationship because we cannot work with somebody that doesn't trust us.

I think it's our decision to activate SMS or not. Because the SMS option is a flash SMS. Not all mobile phones can show Flash SMS also some users in Asia and India don't have mobile phones.

So we asked him twice if he can remove the SMS option because we cannot accept payments at the moment.

After 3 days of no answer we decided to change the payment processor till he answeres all our emails and deactivates the SMS function in our account. Because it was useless at the moment.

We never received a reply. We just got an email that a ticket was opened about another chargeback.

But he answered in the "Need new payment methods" thread without giving us an answer by email!

I tried to solve this problem (about the new chargeback) and asked him why he didn't reply to our emails? I mean this is not a serious behaviour if he replied all the time and from one to another day he stopped the communication. But then asks us to help to solve new problems in tickets...

He replied to the ticket he will only answer to the emails if we wouldn't waste his time! WASTE YOUR TIME??? ARE YOU SERIOUS???

We try to clear this situation with you send you emails and you tell us we are wasting your time???

I told him if he gets an official chargeback I want to see some documents about it from Mastercard or Visa. He told us he won't do that.

OK AND HOW CAN WE BE SURE THAT WHAT YOU ARE TELLING US IS TRUE??? You don't want to show a chargeback proof! You can say a lot without proof!

I told him: OK then we stop working with you till we get our 1st payout! If we get our payout on time everything will be alright and we continue using your service.

Right after that he replied and told us it could happen that he will not make a payout after 4 weeks if we stop using his service (THIS IS EXTORTION!!!).

This will mean he wants fresh money to still have money from us if he made our payout already...  He's afraid of loosing money ;) (We protect you from chargebacks??? Don't think so)

I told him again we don't accept any delays and our money has to arrive 7th of September the latest because our contract was signed 2nd August.

After that he repeated again that it will take longer if we stop using his service. Extortion.... AGAIN!

I replied and told him that he already knows that I want to be paid on time (after 4 weeks)
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Thanks for the heads up. Do tell if they decide to pay you. We were thinking to use them but if what happened to you is true we won't! If anyone got their money from Posonline write here please!

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#3 Postby randy » Sep 01, 2012 1:14 am

This is the total truth!

I'm a friendly guy and I'm always honest

My money will be probably lost but I need to warn others!

I hope you will not have such problems like we had with him!

If we should get paid any day we will tell you :)

Will it be 03/2013 or never? :)

sharpfile stopped to use them... probably I know now why...



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Guys, you have topic for payment processing discussions, please do that there.