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Need help in Resellers Mod

#1 Postby nkchokshi » Jun 24, 2013 4:26 am

Hi. Had recently added a reseller mod. now i had also made 1 user as a reseller.
Now i had activated reseller function in his account.

So my question is how i track reseller's created users. I did not find any way to see, if that user is directly created or Reseller Created.

Also if any one can help, me with how the system actually work? I mean i am bit new in this. But is this like i add money in reseller account and then he send me back money with his cut.

please help me

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#2 Postby filekrypt » Jun 26, 2013 11:39 am

TBH I have not used this reseller mode much either, but the list of users should show up at the bottom when you look at your reseller's details.

How the mod work is that the reseller has a special page where he can make a payment to credit his account balance. Then he uses this balance to generate premium codes that he can sell (you set the price of the packages)

So for example let's say you have a package on the site for $50 for a month. For the reseller you can set this to cost him $40. So he can sell the code at any price he wants and keep the difference. When his account balance is depleted, he just sends you more money...

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