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Newbie Modification to xfilesharing options

#1 Postby gazatar » Jan 06, 2010 12:12 pm


Sorry for the newbie questions, but I have setup the xfilsharing script on my server and mostly everything seems to be running well after a bit of tweaking and help from Alex at Sibisoft.

There are a few last things that I would love to change and I'm sure they are simple but need help to get them done or find where to change them. If you can help please respond as soon as possible.

1. Allow multiple emails in the Recipient Email field or add extra email fields that appear below the main one
2. Add a mandatory name field for each upload that can then be passed into the email that recipient's get so people know who the file came from as many of my clients thought the emails were spam because they had no name
3. How can I shorten the onscreen length of the upload/browse field?

I would appreciate any help. I searched these forums a lot and could not find the answers to these.

Thanks and kind regards,

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