XFileSharing Pro - Plimus Payment Integration FAIL

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Plimus Payment Integration FAIL

#1 Postby jaro » Mar 01, 2012 4:44 pm

Plimus Payment Integration ***

1) Create New Product:
set Product Name to e.g. "Site.com Premium Account"
set Product Info URL to "http://www.site.com/?payment_complete=1"
set Short Description to whatever you want
set Price to $1, we will override it anyway
set Minimum quantity to 1

After product creation go to Contracts and click "Full Version" link.

Set these fields:
* Allow Override Price - Yes, Plain text parameter
* Allow Quantity Change - unchecked
* Available to Partners - unchecked
* Send confirmation Email from - you can specify your [email protected] email there

It's called now =>
Send Alternative Confirmation Email From:

* Offer Extended Download Warranty - unchecked
* In "Instant Notification URL" field enter "http://www.site.com/cgi-bin/ipn.cgi"

Submit changes

3) Go to "Custom Fields" link on the top and
add Active Mandatory Hidden field with title "custom1".
+I have to set "Max Length" to 2000 because 4000 is not allowed any more..

So far so good..
Here is my first problem..

When i submit this, i get the same page back.. :(
So i must do the next step 4?

4) Now in Site Settings - Payment tab enter your created "Contract Id"
I can't find "site settings" and where can i find my Contract Id?

Thanks for your help :)

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#2 Postby applewar » Mar 01, 2012 6:21 pm

Plimus donc accept any filesharing system and you can be ban in the future.

I've try to integrate it, and have been banned 24 hours after received my first payment.

Dear Vendor,

We are writing at this time to notify you we are exercising our right to suspend your account and payment as your business is in violation of the Plimus Prohibited Items Policy under this section: File-sharing.

Should there be any reference to Plimus on your web site, we ask that you remove it at this time.

I hope my post will be helpfull for someone ;)

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#3 Postby jaro » Mar 01, 2012 8:30 pm

Oh thanks.. :) Do you have more experience with the other payment options?

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#4 Postby applewar » Mar 01, 2012 10:50 pm

Only Paypal and custom payments gateway

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