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Post data not making it through

#1 Postby rongage » Mar 05, 2009 6:31 pm

I am having a heck of a time with xupload free v2.6. Most of the time, it works just fine. Occasionally, it decides to NOT pass the post data through to the post page. When this happens, the user uploading data is logged off and the post-upload processing of the file doesn't happen.

Here is the contents of my xuploadconfig file:

package XUploadConfig;

use Exporter;
@XUploadConfig::ISA = qw( Exporter );
@XUploadConfig::EXPORT = qw( $c );

our $c=
temp_dir => '/www/temp',
target_dir => '/www/uploads',
ext_allowed => '.*',
url_post => 'http://xxxx/addfile_action.php',
redirect_link => 'http://xxxx/addfile_action.php',
max_name_length => 64,
copy_mode => 'Rewrite',
max_upload_size => 8192000,
temp_files_lifetime => 86400,


Like I said, most of the time it works just fine. On long uploads (over a gig in size), the odds are pretty high that XUpload will not pass the post vars through.

What on earth am I doing wrong here?

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