XUpload - Post replaces upload page under popup window with no redir.

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Post replaces upload page under popup window with no redir.

#1 Postby Dpn » Sep 26, 2007 4:46 pm


Using 2.6 free version for now and very happy with results, after some fine tuning from reading postings on this forum. This whole process is somewhat new to me as I have no coding exp. at all, shear determination seems to be working.

One problem I haven't been able to find a solution for, after progress bar shows complete it posts all info to the open I.E. window that was the upload page, which is fine for me but it also shows the complete path to my absolute target_drive. (may be a bit of a security issue I would think?) I am using post to create a .txt file along with the .jpg upload (with your code from a posting on this forum.) Is there any way to hide the last line that is posted -

comment:Test upload
emailaddress:[email protected]
target_dir:/home/content/a/b/c/myname/html//cgi/uploads (can I hide this line?)
Great program by the way!- thanks in advance for any help.

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RE: found partial fix again here page 6

#2 Postby Dpn » Sep 26, 2007 6:29 pm

:D Again,

I found the post fix here. It is in the upload.cgi file line 121 in my editor. Just add (#) in front of code if anyone else has same problem.
# push @har, { name=>'target_dir', value=>$c->{target_dir} };

comment:after kill cgi in post
emailaddress:[email protected]

Now, if I can just get a little help on how to make it redirect back to my page on site maybe after a short pause? all will be great.

In my opinion the free version is worth the money if it keeps working well. I am going to eventully buy the pro version as I think what I am using now is worth the money if I can just solve the redirect issue. Your forum has most of the answers with a little bit of digging. For other novices like me, be prepared to put a little time into it. But a great learning experience that I am sure I will use in the future.

Again, Thanks in advance

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#3 Postby PilgrimX182 » Sep 27, 2007 10:04 am

Redirect without POSTing? You can use redirect_link option in config.

If redirect after POST - you handle it yourself in your script which create txt file.

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