XFileSharing Pro - Post your Best VPS/DEDICATED Hosting Company's here !!!

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Post your Best VPS/DEDICATED Hosting Company's here !!!

#1 Postby ruben » Nov 11, 2010 11:17 pm


I wanted to ask all of you to post your best vps/dedicated websites that are affordable.
Because I want to start with xfilesharing pro in a few days and need to know which hosting providers are good.

Requirements :

100 mbps - 1 gbps
high Monthly Bandwidth
high Dedicated Ram
Full Root Access
and most important of all : affordable and trusted !

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#2 Postby chrda » Nov 11, 2010 11:27 pm

Most for the bang?
100tb.com / swiftway.co.uk / rackedge.com /100tb.eu / net100tb.com

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#3 Postby PowerChaos » Nov 11, 2010 11:39 pm

i can offer you all what you need

i am a hosting company and i try to provide the best quality as possible

i offer basic 5TB traffic on a 100mb/s line but i can provide unlimited to (for a small extra fee) on a 100mb/s shared line

to see the quality , please go to http://boosterking.com

boosterking itself is hosted on my webserver to offload the download server traffic

this is what i use

1 webserver (for website) and 1 file server (file downloads)

Q9550 with 8GB ram for webserver (shared with other sites , you get it free from me if you ask for it ) and Q9300 for download server ( 8GB ram to , 1TB hd , unmetered 100mbps port )

the prices can be vieuwed at http://getadedi.com

if you contact me with your spects and your price then we can work out custom deals (cheaper , differend things)

i can offer up to 1GB ports unmetered ( 10mbps - 100mbps - 1gbps ) or even up to a dedicated 1GB port (10mbps - 20mbps - 50mbps - 100mbps - 1gbps , but dedicated is exensive)

as for trusted
so far i dint got any big problems and i always try to keep the client as happy as possible , to provide as mutch information as needed and as mutch help that i can provide (no1 is perfect)

i got a support department and staff that can help you if you need help
i got msn support (preffer not , tickets are better) and differend ways to contact me (few email adresses and chat protocols and even a livechat where i am on sometimes)

there is 1 big rule you need to keep on
as long you take care of abuse complains is everything fine

meaning , if some1 complain about porno , remove it and problem solved
if you fail to solve the abuse complain (meaning that you just dont care) then the server will go down , but as long you take action against it then you wont have any problems

the best server i can offer is the Q9550 (8GB ram and 1TB hd) for normal price of 174.99$ , i use it myself for all my servers ( exept the file server) as it got 12mb cach (is stable and wont crash that easy under heavy load)

so if intrested or need more information , feel free to contact me by sending a email to [email protected] (sales ticket) or [email protected] (personal email)
or you can add me to msn (feel free to ask my msn , i dont going post it on this forum)

if you need more info about my company , feel free to take a look at http://powerchaos.com

Thank you
Greetings from PowerChaos

ps: i wont suggest a vps for your file hosting , load/traffic is to extreme for that

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#4 Postby nyan » Nov 12, 2010 4:37 pm

if you're just starting
fdc has some good offers here:

i got one of the 129$ servers with 1.5 storage for 400$ first 4 months, it's pretty good
else ovh.com /co.uk /.nl is pretty good for cheap starting

the downside of both these networks if that they are slow outside of their region(from ovh you get bad speeds in america, and from fdc you get less good speeds outside of america)

If you have more money to spend you should try the 100tb offers posted by chrda

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#5 Postby ankurs » Nov 12, 2010 6:48 pm

fdc is very unstable

check the above posted 100tb offers

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#6 Postby chrda » Nov 13, 2010 1:17 pm

I recommend keeping to the ones listed on top of this post.
100tb.com gives you 100Tb traffic for 200$, for 60$ you get a 2TB extra
Means 2Tb + 500Gb + 500Gb. Choose Washington DC server for good coverage on both .us and .eu

Keep to the big dogs if you want stable server and good support.
Reseller might complicate things, meaning a fault on a server has to go through reseller, then to the server company. then its better for you to go right the server company yourself for faster service.

Also powerchaos:
How about giving some infomation where you reselling from?
What country? what network?

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#7 Postby PowerChaos » Nov 13, 2010 4:13 pm

i am not 100% a reseller (depends what you call a reseller) , i order them by a datacenter ( direcly by the provider , kind of colocation with support ) and that allows me to fix 99% of the problems on my own (problems can be solved in less then 1 hour if we are avaible on that time )

unlike other resellers that resells and need to do a 3 way reselling (sending ticket , waiting on host to send a ticket again and then gaining the 3 way back response ... delays of 2 - 3 days)

it is the closest you can go , exept colocation is 1 step closer but then you need to take care of everything on your own when now they keep your server running (and colocation is even slower in support as you need to travel all the time to there to fix problems)

you can find all the needed information on http://getadedi.com/whyus.html (atleast if you read the info page)

The servers are located in Scranton PA
and on request i can place them in UK to (manchester , differend price)

here is the quote from the conectivity post

The network is connected via Gigabit Ethernet handoff(s) (1000mbps) on redundant/dual-path OC48 (2048mbps) DWDM fiber-optic transport connections to XOâ„¢ Communications and Commonwealth Telephoneâ„¢ (CTSIâ„¢), a division of Frontier Communicationsâ„¢, NorthEast PA's 2nd largest Telco. Verizonâ„¢ (Formerly Bell Atlantic PA) and PPL Telcomâ„¢, (a sub-division of Pennsylvania Power & Electricâ„¢ - PPLâ„¢) fiber is also available in the facility. XOâ„¢ Communications is currently scheduled deliver 2.5GBPS wavelength transport to the facility in 1ST QTR 2009. The network currently connects BurstNET POPs (Points of Presence) in Scranton & Philadelphia, with others to be completed shortly (NY/NJ). BurstNETâ„¢ transit is provided via multiple Gigabit Ethernet (1000mbps) tranit circuits from Global Crossingâ„¢ (http://www.gblx.com), Cogentâ„¢ Communications (http://www.cogentco.com), BTNâ„¢/PCCWâ„¢ (http://www.btnaccess.com), & XOâ„¢ Communications (http://www.xo.com). For redundancy, BurstNETâ„¢ is currently running BGP4 (border gateway routing protocol) to maintain the speed and uptime. If one backbone line goes down, it will balance the load to the other(s). If one line gets congested, it will load balance the traffic. BurstNETâ„¢ is currently negotiating with additional major backbone providers to open POPs in the BurstNETâ„¢ Scranton PA facility, with XOâ„¢ Communications being available already at this time. BurstNETâ„¢ is currently the only major data center/co-lo facility within 60-75 miles of the Tier-3 Scranton/Wilkes-Barre PA USA Metro Area.

hopely this provide you a bit more information :D

Greetings From PowerChaos

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#8 Postby komi » Nov 13, 2010 8:53 pm

@PowerChaos, as long as the servers are not yours, it's called reselling.

I also want to remind you that you are not officially registered for doing this (probably because you're underage). Soon or later you can expect to pay everything back, so be warned.

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#9 Postby PowerChaos » Nov 13, 2010 9:34 pm

first off all , i am not underage ( 21 , 7 april 1989 )

it is like i say , it depends what you see as reselling

if buying from a datacenter is considered as reselling then i am reselling

but in case of intrest , you always buy something from a datacenter ( not the servers , then the colocation) or you need to own your own datacenter (got 250 mill to mutch ?? )

you always depends on the datacenter , and thats what i wanted to explain that i dont resell as i am with the datacenter

this is what i understand of reselling

reselling means that some other users sells you servers that he is getting from the datacenter or a other contact persone
so he sends a support ticket to that persone , that persone need to forward the message and then he need to wait to get a response back

if they send me a ticket then i can solve the problem (in rare cases i need to forward it ) and that is not what a reseller can do

that is what i feel as a big difference in support and Quality , as the problems can be solved at the same moment

and for "officially registered' , i does not live in the USA
got other rules ( belguim ) and i wont get problems with it ( to long to explain in here )

anyway , before we go to mutch offtopic here
lets get back on topic

it is like i say that it depends on how you look what you call a reseller , in your case you want to own the hardware to be the owner (like your own computer)

but in my case it is to get as close to the source as possible , why spending more money and getting more trouble when you can do it a lot easyer with better quality and even better profits ?

but explaining that part why renting is cheaper then buying , then you need to do a bit of calculation on yearbase and you will figure out my point (here is a tip , 600$ for comp + 100$/m for colo , or 120$/m for rented ?? do not forget to calculate extra costs and cpu changed and not able to sell cpu's and other hardware related trouble on your owned computer)

anyway , hopely this explained my vieuw on resellers and non resellers

Greetings From PowerChaos

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#10 Postby ezyfile » Nov 14, 2010 8:48 am

PowerChaos you are a burstnet reseller lol.

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#11 Postby komi » Nov 14, 2010 1:34 pm

PowerChaos: You're still reselling. Let's get a server directly from OVH, since they own a datacenter: "I'm with the datacenter and thus not reselling". Sorry but you're very wrong there.

Didn't say you actually are underage, but you did gave me that impression. I'm sure other people here had the same thought, just your language and punctuation say enough.

Also, as long as you're offering services from the country you live in, you should be officially registered. No matter what, it's income.

Now, be quiet like the pest.

OP: I would check chrda's post, some look quite attractive to me. Enough traffic is very important, if you exceed the limit you can expect huge bills. Also check out LeaseWeb and OVH if you're interested in dedicated servers from Europe.

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#12 Postby PowerChaos » Nov 14, 2010 3:04 pm

@ezyfile : yes , you can read that in my post , and expanding to other datacenters to (as soon it is possible)

@komi: the only thing closer then "reselling" from a datacenter is owning the datacenter

but it stays the same , i do not need a other contact persone who need to forward the messages to the datacenter or i do not need to contact other persones to make sale deals as i can do that all on my own (wait lets check if my host allows it to give a good deal ... i make my own deals / custom setups)

but enouf about that , it is like i say that it depends how you look at it and i can keep defending myself but it is kinda useless

and then the note about official registered
i never told that i am not official , but it is not registered as my main profession and not even under that name ( its as second profession and that makes a difference )

but like i say , its just to long and complicated to explain that in here

and for my english , i am dutch and i love to see you type dutch so I can laugh with you because all the mistakes you going type ( is a little rough pointed to you ^^ )

my english is mostly from games , as my clients are mostly gamers and from around the world
and i was a hardcore gamer (played about 400+ differend online games)
as long you can understand it is my english fine enouf (it is not perfect)

the reason why i give you this reply is that i like to defend myself , i do not going leave a post open with out defending my name

ok , back on topic

this is the best way to choose where you like to go , it does not depends what they offer but how they offer it

you need to see at this few points to make your desision

*check the quality , is the quality great then you won't regret it
*check price , is Quality - price great then you got a good deal
*check support , send a email and wait for response time ( does it takes 2 days ?? )
*check Support Quality , does they provide you the right answer or are they just sending you to differend locations ??
*check avaibility ( do you need to wait 12 hours to be able to contact them or can you always contact them )
*check contact ability's ( contact form , websites , forums , livechat , ticket service , msn , im ... )
*check stability ( how many problems they got before ? )
*check existence (does it got a good name ? can it be trusted ?? does they exist for long enouf ?? )

*note , it is basicly the same if it is a reseller or not , as long the above Quality is good then you are good

so basicly , it does not mather where you go as long they provide you what you need and that you can be sure that it does what you need

hopely this can make you deside for your desision

Greetings From PowerChaos

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#13 Postby komi » Nov 14, 2010 3:47 pm

I'm not even going to respond to everything you wrote. I thought my point was clear, unfortunately you still tend to know better.

PowerChaos wrote:and for my english , i am dutch and i love to see you type dutch so I can laugh with you because all the mistakes you going type ( is a little rough pointed to you ^^ )
Hierbij vraag ik me af of dit een grap moet voorstellen of niet. Ikzelf spreek namelijk formeel Nederlands en Engels en doe dit dagelijks. Er is simpelweg geen excuus voor slecht gebruik van interpunctie e.d., in elke taal maak je hier namelijk gebruik van.

Let's end the discussion here, since this gets us nowhere.

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#14 Postby ruben » Nov 14, 2010 5:13 pm

thanks for all posts.

which one of these sites is the best ?
it is hard for me to make an choice.


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#15 Postby PowerChaos » Nov 14, 2010 5:38 pm

100tb.eu is www.dediserv.eu (poland)

net100tb.com is from holland
( Vargonen B.V is a professional IT Solutions company founded in Amsterdam / Netherlands and operating in Europe since 2001. )

and 100tb.com is from UK2 Group (uk)

so they are all in 3 differend locations
it depends what you need or what you want to choose what you like

do you want a server in the uk ?? , in netherlands (holland) ? or in poland ??

if i would choose them , then i would take netherland as it is offshore and close to me , poland is not a good country for me (seems slow) and uk got same problems as us

but it is up to you to deside what you want to take

Thank you
Greetings From PowerChaos

@komi , het was inderdaad bedoeld als grapje en om gewoon iets duidelijk te maken (niet iedereen kan nederlands of andere talen ) en niet om je persoonlijk aan te vallen (mischien iets verkeert geformuleert in het engels)

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