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XVideoSharing 1.9 version

#1 Postby PilgrimX182 » Aug 16, 2018 4:13 pm

I'm happy to annouce new 1.9 version of our XVideoSharing script!
Added many sweet features you guys asked me for.
Also added 2 cool mods: Cold Storage and Live Streaming.

I've just updated our demo site, so go check it out: http://xvideosharing.com

Full changelog:

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+ Encoder: make HD quality if video size 20% larger than Normal but lower than HD
+ Encoder: use original audio rate if it's less than settings
+ Security: User password now is non-reversible PBKDF2 hash
+ VideoJS player upgraded to version 6
+ JW Player 7 updated to lastest 7.12.13 version
+ JW Player 8 plugin added
+ New money limit: Max paid views per day from same IP
+ P2P mod is free now
+ Can dedicate servers for selected users / countries only
+ JWPlayer 7,8: autofullscreen on mobiles
+ JWPlayer 7/8, Clappr: Force default quality
+ Improved video parsing using ffprobe
+ Clappr: control HLS preload size
+ DMCA mod: Redirect Hide option
+ API mod: added SetFolder, FileList functions
+ Watch Later predefined playlist added
+ embed_deleted.html custom template
+ Channel name / avatar added
+ Email format: Text or HTML
+ Emails now customizable with templates
+ Encoding smart queue to avoid videos waiting long time for last quality
+ Video Preview mod: use fast transcoding from already encoded video
+ Zevera leech plugin updated
+ Check server RAM, CPU, Network info in Host form
+ Server network overload: no transfers, uploads logic added
+ Encoding list: pending quality versions stats
+ Option to always show Recaptcha on Login page
+ Option to let file owner decide about ADB disable forcing
+ Aletrnative Ads Mode option added
+ Disable embeds on selected domains option
+ Upload using multiple files select
+ HLS mod: Remove MP4 sources option

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Re: XVideoSharing 1.9 version

#2 Postby tendea » May 08, 2019 8:11 pm

Hello, when you'll release a new version?

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