XFileSharing Free - imgclick.net and conflict with XFileSharing

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imgclick.net and conflict with XFileSharing

#1 Postby whister32 » May 19, 2020 7:30 am


I wanted to add simple sieve for imgclick.net thumbnails. It works fine, but I needed to remove XFileSharing because it was matching url of imgclick.net and failed to extract image.


Example links: http://imgclick.net/0utnikvkok5k/im.jpg.html // page link

http://main.imgclick.net/i/00963/0utnikvkok5k_t.jpg // thumbnail link

Could Imagus retry with other sieve if more than one matches and image failed to load?

If image fail to load (I see 404 in console, because wrong link is used) could Imagus spinner be removed? Right now it spins and spins even if nothing is loading.

Could you add debug log in browser console about what sieve was used?

Could you add imgclick.net to the official sieve?



Re: imgclick.net and conflict with XFileSharing

#2 Postby sarika78 » Jan 15, 2024 9:28 am

Hello guys
There is a conflict between XFileSharing Free and imgclick.net that prevents smooth file sharing. People's file-sharing experiences are being interrupted, which emphasizes the urgency of finding a quick fix to improve platform operation. :mrgreen: :D