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Problem login.html

#1 Postby jrodriguez » Oct 28, 2014 5:23 pm


i join in login.html and show error:

Software error:

Can't call method "SelectARefCached" on unblessed reference at Modules/ line 249.
For help, please send mail to the webmaster , giving this error message and the time and date of the error.

this line:

my $t=$self->CreateTemplate( $self->{main_template} || "main.html" );
$t->param(@par) if @par;
$t->param( 'tmpl' => $t2->output );
$t->param( 'page_title' => $self->{page_title} ) if $self->{page_title};
$t->param( 'meta_descr' => $self->{meta_descr} ) if $self->{meta_descr};
$t->param( 'meta_keywords' => $self->{meta_keywords} ) if $self->{meta_keywords};
$t->param( 'sql_exec' => $self->{db}->{'exec'}, 'sql_select' => $self->{db}->{'select'}, 'memcached_hit' => $self->{db}->{'memcached_hit'} );
#$t->param( 'language' => $self->{language},'language2' => ucfirst $self->{language} );
#my @ll = map{{lang=>$_,lang2=>ucfirst $_}} grep{$_ ne $self->{language}} @{$c->{languages_list}};
#$t->param(languages => \@ll);

my $ll = $self->db->SelectARefCached(60,"SELECT * FROM Languages WHERE lang_active=1 ORDER BY lang_order");
my @ll2;

the rest of the web works

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