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#1 Postby hornet » Mar 05, 2010 3:00 pm

There is Two problem with script
I can not change the language
When you use the Arabic language Extend the design

See pic

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#2 Postby komi » Mar 05, 2010 5:52 pm

The new language selector is very buggy and doesn't even work in some older browsers.
Because of that I'm using the old method from 1.5 again:


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<div id="lang2">
  <a href="/?op=change_lang&amp;lang=english"><img src="/images/flags/us.gif" width="16" height="11" alt="us" title="English"></a>
  <a href="/?op=change_lang&amp;lang=russian"><img src="/images/flags/ru.gif" width="16" height="11" alt="ru" title="Russian"></a>
  <a href="/?op=change_lang&amp;lang=german"><img src="/images/flags/de.gif" width="16" height="11" alt="de" title="German"></a>
  <a href="/?op=change_lang&amp;lang=french"><img src="/images/flags/fr.gif" width="16" height="11" alt="fr" title="French"></a>
  <a href="/?op=change_lang&amp;lang=arabic"><img src="/images/flags/sa.gif" width="16" height="11" alt="sa" title="Arabic"></a>
  <a href="/?op=change_lang&amp;lang=turkish"><img src="/images/flags/tr.gif" width="16" height="11" alt="tr" title="Turkish"></a>
  <a href="/?op=change_lang&amp;lang=polish"><img src="/images/flags/pl.gif" width="16" height="11" alt="pl" title="Polish"></a>
  <a href="/?op=change_lang&amp;lang=thai"><img src="/images/flags/th.gif" width="16" height="11" alt="th" title="Thai"></a>
  <a href="/?op=change_lang&amp;lang=spanish"><img src="/images/flags/es.gif" width="16" height="11" alt="es" title="Spanish"></a>
  <a href="/?op=change_lang&amp;lang=japan"><img src="/images/flags/jp.gif" width="16" height="11" alt="jp" title="Japan"></a>
  <a href="/?op=change_lang&amp;lang=hungary"><img src="/images/flags/hu.gif" width="16" height="11" alt="hu" title="Hungary"></a>

main.css (change right to left if you want it to appear on the other side.)

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You can download the flag icons for free from here.

Good luck.

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#3 Postby hornet » Mar 05, 2010 6:53 pm

v 1.7

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