XFileSharing Pro - problem with version 1.8

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problem with version 1.8

#1 Postby fermin1989 » Jul 30, 2010 6:04 pm

Hi I updated to version 1.8 and everything fine but when boy to test whether desdecargar servers run when I try something, do not send me download it redirects me to http://www5.XXXXXXX.com:182/d/6mowcuvgn ... /flashget3. and so 3.0.1092en.exe

what happened is that I sent to the port 182 and the server does not have those ports open.

I put it as it was in version 1.7 and so it was http://www5.sharedzip.coM/6mowcuvgn6jrn ... 1092en.exe work. I have to change to put it that way.


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