XFileSharing Pro - Questions about Ads overlay mod andMP4 ffmpeg video encoding

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Questions about Ads overlay mod andMP4 ffmpeg video encoding

#1 Postby banimp3 » Feb 16, 2012 2:11 pm

Question 1) Ads overlay mod

When I have to put my ads code? what file, what field? I can't see anything in the admin settings to put the ads, NOR any documentation to put the ads in any file.

Question 2) MP4 ffmpeg video encoding

This particular one had documentation for the installation, I did all the steps without any error, but after upload a .avi video via Remote URL it didn't get converted to .mp4.

In the admin settings I saw some fields that I guess must be completed, but I have NO idea, or any reference to complete the fields.


a)Video width
b) Video quality (this one says 24 will be good)
c) Audio bitrate (kbps)

PS: Admins, would be great if you include some documentation with the mods, or create some Wiki page, or FAQs, so every user don't have to make same question over and over. Then you'll save a lot of questions/responses.

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