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#16 Postby PilgrimX182 » Apr 04, 2011 8:27 am

I'm the main programmer of XFS Pro and I certify that I've never re-used custom mods code for our mods. If the custom mod looks good then I just write it from scratches with good integration with XFS so users can enable it instantly.
If you're complaining about stoling your divx player idea - c'mon, this sounds like microsoft patenting double-click :)
Script is evolving all the time, getting users requests done in code, we can't bury features just cause somebody requested them customly.

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#17 Postby Eskick » Apr 04, 2011 10:11 am

Your right, im not patenting or saying what you did was illegal, But as a customers point of view who tells someone to code something and see's something very similiar for sale to everyone else i just found that unfair but you guys are honest and have a stable script which people make money from so i can't blame you for selling any type of mod which people have a demand for.

in this case though, if you guys did code this person a custom feature, the one he wanted... You might sell a similiar one on the site in the future :)

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#18 Postby abbou » Apr 04, 2011 2:03 pm

Guys stick to the topic theme! :D

PilgrimX182, what do you say about rank earning ?

I think that:

Smart mod, should have 2 options:

1. Tiers
2. Ranking system

what do u think? :)

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#19 Postby PilgrimX182 » Apr 04, 2011 9:09 pm

I personally think that Ranks system is "old song". Hotfile used it first I think and was a boom, but nowdays it's becoming not popular anymore.
Now %% from Premium Sales is the trend. It's very transparent way of earnings for you and uploaders.
But it's possible to include this into next version of XFS. But this won't be soon.

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#20 Postby PowerChaos » Apr 07, 2011 12:46 am

it is like my custom mod that i asked
i asked to inregrate paygol into my system , they got already a smscoin intregrated but mine is just a differend provider

if they use my idea , that is there problem
same as i am editing my script to fix certain problems (like only converting on public uploads :D )

but as coders do they have the right to use the code they make
even if it is sold or that they get paid to make the mod

you need to see it a differend way

i refuse to upgrade to a newer version for just 1 reason (its a silly reason and i will get over it someday :D )

my script got everything i need , it is working like it need to be and i am just to lazy to modifie my script again for the new version

i am sure if i ask the sibsoft team to fix the modification again that they are willing to do it for me (probaly free of charge :D )

even more fun , if it was a unic thing that i requested ( like converting video's on request ) then it will probaly be avaible ... save me a lot of custom work and time (what stops me now from upgrading)

it is like he says
stop whining about stealing code or idea's
you need to start somewhere , if some1 give you a idea and you use it , then every1 is happy with it
you as "owner" can be happy about it that they are even using it in there release

if you do not like it to have it in there ( let me say i do not like it that they use my paygol in it) then i just need to say that to them
and then it depends how "hot" the extra item is if it can be done on request only or for every1

and now to finaly close this desision
check the forums .. where do you think the most code came from ?? (phpbb ?? mybb ?? smf ?? joomla ?? subdreamer ?? woltlabb ?? )
o yea , mostly the php code that get used are just snippets from other great coders

thats how you fix things and make things , you use some code , you modifie some code and you mix some other code and you got yourself a nice script

why inventing a new language when php exist ?? why using tomcat for javascript when you can use vbasic ?? (in case of intrest , it are 2 differend things ... )

point is , if something is intresting then it is intresting and you will love it that it get used
same as bugs , if no1 complain then there will never be a solution

now to go back ontopic and before i keep writing about the above complain :d

i saw the smartpoint mod by some1 and it kinda irritates me

i still use version 1.8 with out the smartpoint mod and i just love the way that users get paid by downloads

the 3 rank system is nice , i can provide a bit extra money back to premium users just for downloading files

but with the smart profit mod ?? why would they download as a premium user when normal users get the same ..

so it would be nice if you could implent it again that every1 can use it ( so smartmod is just a extra to it )

i know that it can get a bit hated , but i hate more the smartmod then this system
its like i can do something about it that i am from belguim ...
but i can do something about premium or registering :D

and sorry for my long post :S
Greets From PowerChaos