XFileSharing Pro - Remote URL Upload Error

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Remote URL Upload Error

#1 Postby pleasehelpme » Sep 02, 2015 12:49 pm

Hi Sir,

On my site everything is working fine except Remote URL Upload.

Whenever I paste any URL [Direct Link] & Click on Upload , this error comes up :
[{"file_code":"undef","file_status":"null filesize or wrong file path"}]

Please see this image : http://i.imgur.com/mAp3LpJ.png

Note :
1. I have enabled Remote URL Upload in settings for all
2. I have tried many files of different sizes to remote upload but all failed
3. I have used direct link (without any redirection) but still same error
4. I also check the Accept TOS box

My server details :
Centos 7 x64

Please help me


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