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rename files to unique id

#1 Postby tommy » Jun 23, 2007 1:24 pm


I've tested xupload (Free version), and I'm really impressed!
I think I'll order the pro version, but I have one problem:

What I have to change in upload.cgi to rename _every_ file to a (really) unique id (for example: file.ext should be renamed to 2DQ4MHk8YVD28TX1)

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#2 Postby PilgrimX182 » Jul 04, 2007 7:52 am

It's easy hack. In upload.cgi find

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my ($fn,$ext) = ($1,$2);

and add below it:

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my @range = ('0'..'9','A'..'Z');
$fn = join '', map $range[rand($#range+1)], 1..10;

this will set filename as random string of 10 chars(alphanumeric,uppercase) with no extension.

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#3 Postby tommy » Jul 21, 2007 5:23 pm

I purchased the pro version now, and I added the code below

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my ($fn,$ext) = .........
and it works fine!
Thanks for your help!


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#4 Postby virtuexru » Jul 31, 2007 7:06 pm

Can you clarify which part of this needs to be changed??

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   my ($fn,$ext) = $filename=~/^(.+)\.(.+)$/;
   $fn=$filename unless $filename=~/\./;

   $fn = substr($fn,0,$c->{max_name_length});

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