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Server Setup OVH

#1 Postby longsack » Mar 27, 2014 11:14 pm

So I decided to go with a VPN through OVH.

Man my head hurts! I thought with my limited know-how this would be a 3/4 hour job... I'm on day two!

I have done more reading about server setup, revers DNS, Name Servers and so on then I care to talk about.

Anyone have a set by step guide they know of?

I have looked all over the web and can't find anything... Any help?
Runing: cPanel 11.36 (64 bits)
I "think" I have setup everything correctly in cPanel. I have also added the NS1/NS2 to my register pointing to the VPN IP address. I'm trying to work on setup of my "reverse DNS" however I just get back error messages each time.


Thanks so much if your able to help! I know this is not a OVH forum, just hope it's okay to ask someone that maybe has done it before.

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#2 Postby hiroshidw » Mar 27, 2014 11:47 pm

Hi, I dont know about OVH VPS, but to setup Reverse from dedicated OVH server you must to add a txt field on your domain DNS records. On OVH reverse setup have instructions.

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