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Small error

#1 Postby Stefanzm » Nov 28, 2012 4:09 am

Hello to everyone , has anyone experienced a problem like this:

ID=9 2...FAILED!
ID=10 1...FAILED!
ID=11 3...FAILED!
ID=2 4...FAILED!
ID=13 5...FAILED!
ID=14 6...FAILED!
ID=15 7...FAILED!
ID=16 8...FAILED!

8 servers failed to update.

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However all the servers are working , sending back info to the main one , sql and such. Cron even check the files , remove links and files. But if you try to save the settings it gives failed , and if you try to delete a file (last link to original file) it gives error (symb link files gets deleted) from the type "Permission Denied" .
Put the check for server test in cron , tested ok .
Compared the fs keys , they are properly matched at fileserver and sql .
Anyone have any ideas ?