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Smart Profit mod - help

#1 Postby benster » Jan 17, 2012 5:05 pm

just bought the script a few days ago
about the Smart Profit mod
can someone explain how exactly it works?

it looks like that :

1."Tiers filesizes 0/10/100 Apply rule below is filesize > X Mb"

what does the 0/10/100 mean??

2."Tier1 Countries: US|CA|GB Money: 1|1|1 $ per 1000 downloads"

the 1|1|1 is for each country or for each file size from above?


i want it to be 1$ per 1000 views from tier 1
0.5$ per 1000 tier2
0.25$ per 1000 for other countrys

what numbers should i write?

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