XFileSharing Pro - sometimes load ... sometimes not load ....

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sometimes load ... sometimes not load ....

#1 Postby Anagua » Mar 06, 2010 10:49 am

as can be, takes 2 weeks working fine and suddenly does not leave the progress bar and stays on starting up and says nothing and does not send any file

Definitely this is a pastelazo, sometimes it works well, sometimes it stops working, and everything that should be updated free of charge must be paid, if at least worked well, but fails more than a gun fair.

Sorry for lost time

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Re: sometimes load ... sometimes not load ...

#2 Postby mrperl » Mar 07, 2010 3:10 am

Hi Anagua.

Your post did not have enough info to help you ...

1) what is the link to your site?

2) what version of the software are you running?

3) what OS, perl and web server are you using?

4) is the problem with uploads or downloads?

Thanks, mrperl.

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#3 Postby Anagua » Mar 07, 2010 4:07 pm

The problem is with some ip / upload users only

From 1 ip any operating system goes on to transfer to url to 5200 kb /s max.

Yet another line from different ip or win7 both winxp freezes and leaves no progress bar.

From another ip / different user does not leave either the progress bar, but if the file is hosted on the server.

Rare rare, as it is according to the connection / configuration of user equipment that does the upload. 80% of users work well only on some computers this strange thing happens, so do not think that server error.

The few I have indicated to reconfigure Internet Explorer and allows to open windows in security settings and it worked, sometimes not .....

Thanks, greetings

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