XFileSharing Pro - Sporadic 500 error. Urgent help needed !

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Sporadic 500 error. Urgent help needed !

#1 Postby traqck » Oct 28, 2012 1:07 pm


The downloads and uploads on my website are working well most of the time. However sometime the users get a '500 error' message and they can't access to the generated links, then after a few minutes or moments later it works again perfectly. I don't think it's because the server is overloaded, i only got 2500 to 3000 downloads a day. Here's the emails that i get when this happens;



Here is the error log of my fileserver;


What can i do ?

Btw, how do you monetize your website ? I'm still using adsense but i'm not happy with my revenues; i get approx. 0,60 to 1€/day for 2500/3000 downloads per day.

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