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#1 Postby Stefanzm » Jul 06, 2012 12:34 pm

Heyas , here is 1 newbie problem i stumbled upon.

I`m trying to add another page at bottom of the site. I mean the line where its Home , Tos , contact us and so on.

The main code looks like this:
<a href="<TMPL_VAR site_url>/tos.html"><TMPL_VAR lang_tos></a> |
Thats about the tos page.
Now i created html file similar to the tos one , and uploaded it next to tos.html

but when i put something like
<a href="<TMPL_VAR site_url>/test.html">Test</a> |

Then on main page there appear Test which points to main site/test.html , but when i click in it it gives not found.

If i move the test.html to httpdocs/test.html , then from main i can click on Test , and it loads Test. However all the formatting is missing.

In which file exactly i have to describe that there is file test.html in the same dir as tos.html to can be loaded with the formatting , the top user links and the bottom url`s and so on ?

Thanks in advance for the reply

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#2 Postby stdio » Jul 06, 2012 4:21 pm


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