XFileSharing Free - thoughts for v2

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thoughts for v2

#1 Postby Kuwait » Jan 16, 2008 3:41 pm

ive purchased xfs lately and its great but i was thinking of more features since everybody is only thinking about rapidshare!
i thought i might be a little creative with these thoughts and i hope i get some credit for them :=P lol

1- try adding a little box or should we say a table at the top right corner with how many files are hosted/total size of files

2- since there will be a "user account" i thought of making them have sub-domains or maybe folders for example www.domain.com/user/dhskd9834/file.ext and the non-registered users will have it like www.domain.com/dsjdhsfre/file.ext

3- admin control panel, admin can choose limits for non-registered users and registered users for example a user gets 2 gb as a standard account and can buy extra 1gb for a certain amount so the admin can figure it out with his control panel

4- admin can set limits for bandwith/downloads for users for , a non-reg user can get his file downloaded for 500 times , but registered users can get it unlimited, maybe give an option for users to buy more bandwith ? :r

5- if the uploaded file is an image then can u make it appear once its uploaded so that the user can see how it will look and give him an option to resize it like imageshack

6- when a file is reported it will move it automatically to another folder and notifies the admin about it just incase it had anything harmful it wont be downloaded untill the admin decides to delete it or move it back again to its original link

7- try to make the software upload via ftp and the ftp info can be added on the control panel and the admin has an option to decide whether he wants to upload via http/ftp

i hope im not making anything harder but i just liked to suggest these things, if you can make it then thats great for you and your software and if you cant i hope you try it in the next version

wish you all the best of luck and there are more idea's from where those came from :=P

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#2 Postby PilgrimX182 » Jan 17, 2008 7:59 am

1 - pretty easy to implement. Admin already have these stats. Do you think it's ok to make it public?

2 - possible. will try.

3 - Possible. Need to experiment with max upload limit today.

4 - easy to implement, will do.

5 - doubtfull to me at the moment. maybe in next versions.

6 - will do. not sured in upcoming version, maybe bit later.

7 - interesting feature, but requires FTP server. Probably will implement some plugin or hack later for specific FTP server.

Thanks for these features requests!

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#3 Postby Kuwait » Jan 17, 2008 8:09 am

well i wont mind making it public at least people can now that we are hosting big time :=P

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#4 Postby Kuwait » Jan 17, 2008 8:40 am

and about number 2 there is also another way that would look even better and make people like it more "i mean users" if they get a subdomain instead of a folder like www.user.domain.com/file.ext or www.user.domain.com/dy89r3hnrd/file.ext or make it look more elite with a standard subdomain for registered people like all of registered people links will go like : www.premium.domain.com/file.ext and non-reg users will be www.domain.com/fhfidh978fd/file.ext , and the admin can change the domain name if its standard or just make it optional to the users to choose their own subdomain

and another thing, maybe u can add this to the next version because i dont think its so hard and its nice

remember the table i told u about to have the files/size the website is hosting? you can make another table that goes right under it with how many files have been downloaded and the up/download bandwith
We are hosting : 100 files / total size 500 mb
files downloaded : 350 files / bandwith 750 mb

how does it sound ?