XFileSharing Pro - Thread for XFS Pro 1.7 i18n bugs

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Thread for XFS Pro 1.7 i18n bugs

#1 Postby mrperl » Mar 06, 2010 1:17 pm

Hi folks.

Just starting a thread for XFS Pro 1.7 i18n (string-extraction and template)

a) This should be one long string for languages with different
orderings to translate correctly (ie. cannot be displayed correctly in
both English and Indonesian from pieces this way:)

lang_contact_1 => "To contact us simply fill the form below. Please take a minute reading both our",
lang_terms_of_service => "Terms of Service",
lang_and_our => "and our",
lang_contact_2 => "before sending any messages regarding our services",

(I believe "FAQ" is also hard-coded in the display code for that string.)

b) half of the strings in Templates/admin_* have not been extracted yet.

c) 70 unique strings of approx. 120 total strings have not been
extracted from *.cgi yet. Most are error strings.

Thanks, mrperl.

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