XFileSharing Pro - Torrent Leecher Mod is slow at leeching .

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Torrent Leecher Mod is slow at leeching .

#1 Postby SteelJelly » Jan 21, 2014 8:01 pm

Hello, I have 2 problem at Leeching Torrents.

1 ) Download Speeds are only around Digits although there are many seeders.

Maximun Download Speed around 60 Kb/s .

Can any suggest me how to solve that problem ??

I can't stand with this Speed.

I can even faster leech Up To 1 Or 2Mb/s from my Home.

SO, what is the problem ?

Changing the port ? accepting more connection ? Due to Port closed ?

Please Suggest & Help me.


Another problem is - Torrent Leech is not showing that how much percent finished Leeching in my files page.

I think really showing Finished Percentage is needed .

Moreover, there are no Live Digit. I means we need to refresh the browser to know how many kb/s is leeching & how many percent is uploading. We need to make that leeching speed to be alive .

Please Help Me Admin.

If not, Torrent Leecher will become shouldn't buyable thing for users.


Please Help Me to solve at least one ..

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#2 Postby Google » Jan 22, 2014 5:14 pm

I think your server download speed slow.

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