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Transfering files between servers with rsync

#1 Postby traleto » Jan 08, 2013 11:22 am

Hi all,

I have network of couple file sharing servers, but (there is always but :) ) with the growing number of users I've noticed slow permanence on some of my servers. The problem is that I have 1Gbps connection and I'm not using it as it should I've detected that the problem is in the HDD drives (WD Green series) so I want to replace them with much better ones from Black series.

The thing is that I have around 2TB of data on that servers so I decided to transfer all files using rsync which is more automated and faster (correct me if i'm wrong). My question is if it's possible to somehow add those files to that server I mean something like moving those files in uploads directory and then changing server id of those files directly into the database. I've done this couple of times but on blank servers with no uploaded files on them but now i'm concerned that I might lose some data because on the old server that I want to transfer i have folders like 00000,00001 etc. and the same folders on the second one.

The scary part is that will it works if i just move the files in the right directories is there any chance of collision of encrypted filenames and is it going to be some problem with max_files limit per directory in linux.


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#2 Postby ankurs » Jan 08, 2013 3:02 pm

should work fine, filenames are different and you don't need to worry about max_files

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#3 Postby Fox » Jan 09, 2013 11:57 pm

The WD Greens are for home computers.... you should use Enterprise Hard Drives.

WD RE4 2 TB Enterprise Hard Drive: 3.5 Inch, 7200 RPM, SATA II, 64 MB Cache - WD2003FYYS

http://www.amazon.com/RE4-Enterprise-Ha ... WD2003FYYS

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#4 Postby traleto » Jan 16, 2013 11:33 am

Thanks for your suggestion I've replaced hard drives with WDC WD2002FAEX-007BA0. I'm using 8 of this hard drives in raid 10 configuration and the performance of the i/o is improved by 500% previously from dstat I was getting

Code: Select all

----total-cpu-usage---- -dsk/total- -net/total- ---paging-- ---system--
usr sys idl wai hiq siq| read  writ| recv  send|  in   out | int   csw
  1   2  89   8   0   1|  20M  715k|   0     0 |   0     0 |2681  1936
  1   2  86   9   0   2|  33M    0 |1441k   62M|   0     0 |  19k 1441
  1   2  82  13   0   2|  35M    0 | 807k   36M|   0     0 |  20k 1659

but now i have much better reading speed

Code: Select all

----total-cpu-usage---- -dsk/total- -net/total- ---paging-- ---system--
usr sys idl wai hiq siq| read  writ| recv  send|  in   out | int   csw
  1   4  60  32   0   3| 235M    0 |   0     0 |   0     0 |  20k 1981
  1   5  55  37   0   3| 217M    0 |2796k  123M|   0     0 |  23k 2132

Anyway back to the topic I've transferred files successively by simply merging the files from the 2 servers into uploads directory and then changing the server id into the database.

Now I'm experiencing some strange network speed limit problem but that's for another topic.[/code][/quote]

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