XFileSharing Pro - Upload freezes after I use the Desktop Uploader

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Upload freezes after I use the Desktop Uploader

#1 Postby Timmy » Mar 30, 2010 11:32 am

hi guys,

maybe someone can help me...
A few days ago, I got some problems in uploading files. The problem is that when I tried to upload, the upload stops.
I needed to change ISP and got the problem fixed!
But now, after 1 week of uploading, I have the same exactly problem. And I think that know what is causing this...
This problem begins when I used the Desktop Uploader, somehow, this software break something... and in the end of sending files with this program, It gives me this error: No chunks were found

Any solutions for me? Is there anyway to clean Desktop Uploader cache or something? So I can start uploading again in my browser?

Please help!

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