XUpload - Upload OK but, no STATUS BAR show

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Upload OK but, no STATUS BAR show

#1 Postby Clayton Pereira » Jan 21, 2009 7:21 pm

I m testing XUpload (SERVER IS LINUX) and I really want to use it, if I once get it working. Im using the free version, I have the right permissions on the files and always used binary transfer. I created two folders and named them temp and upload an cmoed them to 777. this working, files upload correctly, But no progress bar shown. at the end it says: transfer completed.
Read through the forum but couldn t find a solution.

My test address:


My php info:



package XUploadConfig;

use Exporter;
@XUploadConfig::ISA = qw( Exporter );
@XUploadConfig::EXPORT = qw( $c );

our $c=
# Directory for temporary using files
temp_dir => '../cgi-bin/tmp',

# Directory for uploaded files
target_dir => '../cgi-bin/uploads',

# Path to the template using for upload status window
templates_dir => '../cgi-bin/Templates',

# Allowed file extensions delimited with '|'
ext_allowed => 'jpg|jpeg|gif|png|rar|zip|mp3|avi|txt|csv|tif|exe',

# URL to send all input values from upload page
# Default: http://www.pregraphics.com.br/cgi-bin/post.cgi
url_post => 'http://www.pregraphics.com.br/upload_form.html',

# The link to redirect after complete upload
# This setting can be submitted from HTML form, then it will have priority
redirect_link => 'http://www.pregraphics.com.br/upload_form.html',

# Max length of uploaded filenames(without ext). Longer filenames will be cuted.
max_name_length => 64,

# Type of behavior when uploaded file already exist on disc. Available 3 modes: Rewrite/Rename/Warn
copy_mode => 'Rename',

# Maximum total upload size in Kbytes
max_upload_size => 70000000,

# Time to keep temp upload files on server, sec (24 hours = 86400 seconds)
temp_files_lifetime => 86400,




<Title>XUpload - upload progress bar</Title>

body {background-color: #f9f9f9; font: 13px Arial;}

<Script language="JavaScript">

var exts = "jpg|gif|png|bmp|mp3|mpg|mpeg|avi|rar|zip|7z|gz|txt|tif|exe";
//var exts = ".*"; //Use this to accept all Extensions

var UID,NF=0,cx=0;
function openStatusWindow()
if(document.F1.popup.checked == true)
win1 = window.open('http://www.pregraphics.com.br/cgi-bin/upload_status.cgi?upload_id='+UID,'win1','width=320,height=240,resizable=1');

function generateSID()
UID = Math.round(10000*Math.random())+'0'+Math.round(10000*Math.random());
var f1=document.F1;
f1.action = f1.action.split('?')[0]+'?upload_id='+UID;

function StartUpload()
for (var i=0;i<document.F1.length;i++)
current = document.F1.elements[i];
if(current.type=='file' && current.value!='')
if(!checkExt(current.value))return false;
if(NF==0){alert('Select at least one file to upload');return false;};

function checkExt(value)
if(value=="")return true;
var re = new RegExp("^.+\.("+exts+")$","i");
alert("Extension not allowed for file: \"" + value + "\"\nOnly these extensions are allowed: "+exts.replace(/\|/g,',')+" \n\n");
return false;
return true;

<h2>XUpload demo page</h2>
<form name="F1" enctype="multipart/form-data" action="http://www.pregraphics.com.br/cgi-bin/upload.cgi?upload_id=" method="post" onSubmit="return StartUpload();" target="upload">
Send file: <input name="file1x" type="file" onChange="checkExt(this.value)"><br>
Comment: <input type="text" name="comment">(optional)
<Input type="checkbox" name="popup" checked id="popup"><label FOR="popup" ACCESSKEY="Z">Show upload status in pop-up window</label><br>
<input type="submit" value="Upload File">

<iframe src="about:blank" name="upload" frameborder=0 style="width: 0px; height: 0px;"></iframe>
<a href="http://www.sibsoft.net/xupload.html" style="font: 12px Arial; color: #7979b3;">SibSoft XUpload - upload progress bar</a>

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