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wlooooo wrote:am using a shared hosting from a new company i use it for my website i get about 40,000 visitors and the shared hosting work fine no problems .. its for 3.99 $ per month .. very low cost for a good serves
here is the linck for this company

do you read tos and aup ??

tos wrote:Disk Space & Traffic - hostmarketing.org offers generous amounts of disk space and network bandwidth. Customers must not allow other websites or hosting servers to link to files stored in their hosting accounts, and thus steal network traffic. In order to escape unjust distribution of the resources, as well as possible sharing of illegal content, Customers are not allowed to use their hosting accounts as a remote storage server only or solely for the purpose of sharing (un)archived images, programs or sound files. At least 80% of all files and/or total megabytes used (including MP3, WAV, RA, GIF, JPG, ZIP, RAR, but not limited to these file types) in each hosting account must be a part of actual, active website content, i.e. all content files must have corresponding HTML or PHP files that link to them.Music and/or video files must be under 25% of the current web hosting plan disk space and must never exceed 50 GB in size. Furthermore, these files may amount to no more than 50% of the customer's total monthly traffic usage. Upon request, each Customer must be able to prove that a given file is a constituent part of an actual page and not only stored on the server within 24 hours of the request.

if you read carefully then it says that filehost is not allowed

tos wrote:File Quota - The file quota (the maximum amount of files to be hosted in a single web hosting account) is different for each web hosting plan. The Business plan is entitled to host maximum 150,000 files and the Corporate plan - up to 300,000 files. The Enterprise plan allows customers to host up to 450,000 files. All other plans are allowed to host 50,000 files.

if you want to grow then it realy depends on your package , but you wont be able to use the 25TB they offer

tos wrote:CPU usage (or usage of the Central Processing Unit(s) of the web server the customer's account is hosted on) - The CPU usage is subject to some regulations. Each hosting account can use up to 10% of the CPU power for no longer than 180 seconds at any given time, and/or the percentage given per 24 hours in the features configuration of the Customer's plan. hostmarketing.org's web hosting plans include the following CPU quotas (per 24 hours)

Web Hosting Plan Name / CPU Limit
Business / 4.5%
Corporate / 5.5%
Enterprise / 7%

hostmarketing.org strongly recommends that customers be very judicious when using the CPU power for their accounts. We reserve the right to block files or scripts that excessively use CPU. We may suspend also the Customer account in the case of registered impact on other accounts on the server or disturbance caused to its functioning. If we do block or suspend an account, then its owner will be notified of the situation and given an explanation, and/or offered to upgrade to a dedicated or a semi-dedicated web hosting solution

how more visitors you get how higher the cpu will go
a few other things apply to the cpu usage to (like files that get downloaded )

there is not for nothing a reason that shared hosts doesnt allow file hosting on there servers

but before you go , read first the tos as it can help a lot more then just buying a package

tos can be found at
http://www.hostmarketing.org/?lang=en&a ... _AGREEMENT

Thank you
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