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XFileSharing and Firefox

#1 Postby Timmy » Mar 18, 2010 12:09 pm

hi guys,

maybe you guys can give me some feedback...
I have one topic here that says:

I paid for this script 2 months ago, and after this all time, I cant work with the script, because only works with small files... If I try to send big files, the upload freezes and stop to send the file.

I already tried:
- changed timeout settings in httpd config of apache to 600
- changed to no cach and or no keep alive
- disabling mod_security mod

None of this worked for me...
Already tried 2 different dedicated servers and always had the same problem.

I found out that this problem only happens with Firefox.
I tried to use Internet Explorer and the upload was completed, the only problem is that I get stuck on generating links. The file is uploaded but is not showing the links. It's just stuck on generating links... But If I go to "My Files" the file is there!


1) did any of you experience any issue with Firefox?
have you tried to upload a big file with Firefox? For example a 700MB file...

2) how can I solve the problem of the generating links?

Thank you

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