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XFileSharing Pro 1.8 released

#1 Postby PilgrimX182 » Aug 17, 2010 1:23 pm

XFileSharing Pro 1.8 is OUT!
Most of bugs are already fixed, so you can buy it or upgrade old versions.

In 1.8 we've created special small script that handles downloads only, i so your download pages will be rendered faster now and your site will be able to handle higher load. You can expect up to 200% speedup.

In this version we've added 4 new Special Mods:
1) Flash upload (More information)
2) Embedded Upload (More information)
3) MP4 Encoding (More information)
4) Archives mod (More information)

Here goes full changelog for 1.8:

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1.8 (Jul2010)
* Significantly improved perfomance of download pages
* Special: Embedded upload mod
* Special: Flash multi-upload mod
+ Improved "User public files" layout
+ Fixed video embed code when video player is on download2 page
+ Added inactive/pending users cleanup to Admin Users
+ Fixed short links in Mass search
+ File expiration time for each type of users
+ Show number of files in folders
+ Mass user delete
+ Improved JS tabs render time
+ Added delay option after each file download
+ Skip download0 page for images with Image mod enabled
+ Included nginx mod into code for easier integration/upgrade
+ Fixed filesize, traffic formatting
+ Reports mod: by default now showing reports from 1st of month
+ Added My Referrals page
+ Multiple URLs in Free Leech form
+ Added leech for
+ Added leech for
+ Added leech for
+ Added leech for
+ Added leech for
+ Added leech for
+ Added leech for
+ Added leech for
+ Added leech for
+ Reports mod: added daily sales number
+ Image mod: optional hotlinking of original image
+ Added forum code, HTML code to Link Export
+ Dynamic payout systems list
+ mp3 embed code
+ Video mod: added "Don't show video player" option
+ Video mod: added MKV support for DivX Web Player
* Added MP4 Encoding mod

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#2 Postby iknat82 » Sep 17, 2010 4:29 pm

thank you

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