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XFilesharing Pro 2.4 available for download

#1 Postby admin » Apr 06, 2016 8:15 am

Hello everyone!

Today we made XFilesharing Pro 2.4 available for download in your client areas.

Here's the changelog:

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2.4 (April 2016)
+ Perl 5.20 support
+ Option to save the original files (Encoding mod)
+ Can now set custom affiliate & webmaster percents for specific user
+ File upload speed now can be limited in admin settings (Nginx mod, rebuild required)
+ Max connections per IP and download resume can now be altered in admin_settings (Nginx mod, rebuild required)
+ Link IP logic is now getting respected (Nginx mod, rebuild required)
+ FTP upload now respects XFileSharing server status (ON/OFF/READONLY), user type, Geo IP mod settings and other conditions during server pre-selection
+ New accounts are now getting accessible immediatelly after registration (FTP mod)
+ Added Yandex.Money, Paysera, Byteseller, Payweb, Payline.ir and Zarinpal (Payment gateways mod)
+ Can now enable FTP upload for different types of users (FTP mod)
+ Now uses HTML5 instead of Flash for playing .mp3 files
+ Now uses HTML5 video playback by default
+ Improved HTTPS support
+ Optional login captcha after X unsuccessful tries
+ Upgraded to JWPlayer 7 (Video mod)
+ Desktop & Android Uploaders can be now enabled from admin_settings
+ Deprecated HiPay and Junglepay (Payment gateways mod)
+ XFileSharing is no longer dependent on Digest::SHA1
+ Upgraded to reCaptcha 2.0 ("I'm not a robot")
+ Each sensitive form is now a subject for Anti-CSRF check
+ Amazon S3 is not depending on Moose anymore which makes it easier to install
+ Encoding mod now features a simple-to-use install script which automatically fetches the compatible versions of ffmpeg & MP4Box and adds the necessary cronjobs
+ Updated integration for Interkassa, PerfectMoney, PaySafeCard and Payza
+ Torrent mod now uses Webseed (BEP-19) for seeding XFileSharing files which improves it reliability
+ Each torrent file issued by Torrent mod now contains passkey for tracking purposes
+ Now can put Flowplayer license in admin_settings
+ Now can mask an actual download link in URL bar
+ Fixed an issue that prevented the torrent engine from start on some configurations
+ Improved file server tests
+ makemoney.html is now included by default
+ Installer script now includes the tests for dependency modules
+ IPN handler is no more accepting requests for payment plugins that weren't set up explicitly in admin_settings
+ Nginx mod, 100% complete and the torrent mod are now working reliable on SSL configurations
+ Can now put a currency symbol in admin_settings
+ Fixed upload timeout issue on some configurations
+ Updated Twitter bindings that were broken by recent API changes on their side
+ Files premoderation (Moderator mod)
+ Encoding script now can use the 'copy' method for blazing fast processing whenever it's possible (Encoding mod)
+ XFileConfig and XFSConfig are not getting jammed anymore when running out of disk space
+ Cron.pl now asks for admin's confirmation before expiring large amounts of files
+ Now includes stats for the external API keys usage and webseeding XFileSharing files
+ Now shows the reason why the money wasn't charged in my_reports -> downloads details
+ Now shows the method which was used to upload the file in admin_files
+ PBKDF2/SHA256 support for passwords
+ Improved language translations
+ Now shows a version number in admin_settings
+ Can now setup the premium traffic packages
+ Now counts both received and paid money in admin_stats, and all values are getting summarized
+ Option to agree with the TOS by default
+ Various bugfixes & improvements

Starting from monday 11 April it will be available for new customers & demo site will be upgraded.

It was tested for several weeks, but let us know immediately if you will find any bugs.


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#2 Postby zeskty » Jul 12, 2016 8:12 pm

please let me know where do i download the updates 2.0 to 2.4 ?

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#3 Postby cooly » Aug 26, 2016 2:34 pm

where to check the version of script in admin panel

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#4 Postby x0F » Feb 04, 2017 12:14 am

cooly wrote:where to check the version of script in admin panel

The information is located here

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on the bottom of page
XFileSharingPro v.2.4.1

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