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XFileSharing Pro Pre-Sales & General Advice

#1 Postby Nytol » Nov 26, 2009 2:33 pm

I am considering buying XFileSharing Pro; it has some very nice features and seems well supported. Before I do, I wondered if someone could give me some advice.

I currently rent a VPS (Intel Dual Xeon Gainestown, 1024MB Guaranteed SLM RAM, 1TB Bandwidth, 80GB RAID-10 Disk Space for $90 per month).

Should I start on that, and then expand when needed (multi-server), or move to a company like FDC right away? I guess I need to know what kind of money I should be spending per server to make any kind of profit. Co-location isn't an option at the moment, I want to start off small and expand.

Is it best to go lots of 100Mbps or a few 1Gbps? OVH seems the best bet atm.

Also, I notice a lot of filesharing companies are outside the USA. Is this for legal issues associated with copyright laws?

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