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Are you interested in running XFS Pro under mod_perl?

Maybe next year
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#16 Postby chrda » Feb 21, 2011 10:47 am

I have about 1.5 mill pageviews per day, and webserver hardware cost me about 1800$ per month.

This hardware costs about 1200$ if you cut down on some "optional" stuff

Also by adding litespeed webserver instead of using apache, makes it possible to use the hardware much better without overloading the server.

You can use apache2 also, but it demands alot more tuning to work, than litespeed does out of the box.

so for 1800$ i get alot of power, that handles alot more traffic than 1.5mill per day.

So for me mod_perl isnt needed.

There is many other factors each site must consider, and you need a experienced server administrator and network expert to make this a big site go around.

Nothing is cheap, and quality cost. So if your site makes good money, put some of it into the site infrastructure.

So for you guys that have problems with load.
2 quick fixes:
Use Litespeed web server, works out of the box on your apache2 config.
Install CSF firewall. (Out of the box, removed bad traffic) or some tuning can remove even more "missusage"

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#17 Postby PowerChaos » Feb 28, 2011 9:06 pm

for the users who want to have apache working and still like to use nginx

there is a mod for cpanel for it

called nginxcp (you got cpnginx to but thats a paid version of the same , works a bit differend but same result basicly )

it ads nginx as a proxy backend for the files
but that does mean that htacces will not work anymore like it need to be

i dit a few tests on it myself ( and a live server with clients on)

the result was great , from 10% load to 5% load (with out tuning apache)

but the problem was that my modules that i use where not compitable with nginx (i use html as php handler )

it is only a proxy backend , meaning that the needed files are taken from apache ( like cgi and php) and that other files are streamed by nginx , lowering apache processes and childs and optimising your server more for speed

but like i say , not everything works on it as it is a proxy backend

but it will help to lower server load , and i can confirm that it works perfect with this script and cpanel with nginx proxy (for users who are wondering , was tested with boosterking)

for the rest i woulnd like it that this script get converted to nginx , as i still use apache for certain things (same as a lot of modules for apache)

hopely this can solve a few problems at this moment :D

Greets From PowerChaos

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