XUpload - Xupload Pro 2.3 and MAC OS X

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Xupload Pro 2.3 and MAC OS X

#1 Postby Butch » Nov 13, 2006 5:57 pm

Edited: The below happens if you have not emptied your cache (I think) Problem solved my coding mistake, however problem still presits in OS 9. One futher note: Coding is very strict, please check using default upload_form.html before making changes and testing..be sure to clear your cache. Hope this helps!!!!

Xupload Pro 2.3 works fine on a PC (Windows XP Prof, tested IE and Firefox)), however if you required email and a required password fails in Safari, Camino, however works in FireFox, but will not show progress bar) on A Mac running Mac OS 10.4.8 (Error: wrong password in Safari). Tried changing the order and entering password first, also if you enter an upload folder it will also fail in Safari, Camino. (Xupload Pro 2.2 and 2.3 seem to fail under Mac OS 9,IE 5.1 and Opera 5 but no problem since OS 9 is no longer available on the new Macs)

:D I really love the features of Pro 2.3 and I understand the difficulty in cross platforms and browsers.