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xupload pro progressbar multiple uploads

#1 Postby flashclick » Dec 29, 2010 2:30 pm

As a new purchaser, I struggled to get this thing working. Its now up and running. The behaviour of the progress dialogues on line is different from that on my local server. Online The 'done' code appears well before the end of the upload, and the multiple upload dialogue bars are not rendered correctly. The supplied installation and configuration readme is very very poor. I expect that on a free product but not on a commercial version.

Your programme is VERY VERSATILE and I suggest more examples of usages and more than just bare and minimal facts about installation and fault finding. Particularly in your stickies on this forum.

How about multiple upload input browse - one under each image - on one page? This I think would cause the ajax a major headache from all the id conflicts as the code stands now.

There are many html code errors - missing tags and attributes and deprecated usages. For example incorrect/missing doc types in the cgi-bin templates folder files. For html to even try to render correctly across all browsers, the very least is that the code should pass W3C validation - yes?

I am uploading images. Digital images have a lot of embedded meta/IPTC tags. The 'Description' option is nice - but what if the images already have - or should have - embeded info in these jpg tags? It would be nice to show one or more (Caption, Copyright?) before upload for the user to see and maybe add/correct before upload.

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request for help

#2 Postby flashclick » Feb 03, 2011 3:15 pm

Is it possible to add more than the filename to each of the bars on the multiple upload list? I do not want to add the manual description option, but use the embedded IPTC data from which I can extract a name to add to the filename like this <filename> - <name>
I am use your latest Pro version, pbmode 4, default template. When the progress code opens on the page, the edges of the new box are displaced several pixels up and to the left of the original window. I want it overlaying the original window EXACTLY. How do I adjust this?

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