[NEW] XVideoSharing 1.4 release!

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[NEW] XVideoSharing 1.4 release!

#1 Postby PilgrimX182 » Aug 01, 2014 10:19 am

We're proud to announce that our new XVS 1.4 version is out!

Demo site: http://xvideosharing.com

Changes in this version:

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XVS 1.4 (Aug 2014)
* Memcached mod
* Limit: Play only first X seconds of video
* Latest NGINX version support
* Optimized pure-NGINX file upload
* Optimized pure-NGINX upload progress
* JW6 player support
+ CloudFlare compatibility
+ Support of Login/Payment plugins from XFS
+ Mobile support option for Normal quality
+ 3 types of next upload server logic
+ Custom snapshot upload
+ SRT auto-extract feature
+ Dynamic export codes
+ Player: Sharing plugin
+ Player: Lightsout plugin
+ Player: use DivX player for not encoded videos
+ Admin Files cosmetics
+ Fixed xxxxxxxxxxxx.html link format Mass Search
+ SSD mod: Filesize limit
+ News body cut tag
+ Optional TOS checkbox
+ Premium Only category flag
+ SQL mass optimize/repair/backup functions
+ Category/Tags/Public/Adult flags for URL/Torrent uploads
+ Total User Views profit / Payouts daily stats
+ Improved admin stats graphs
+ Payouts: paid/rejected user history
+ Payouts: payment info in transaction now
+ Payouts: history page
+ Limit: Max working  URL uploads per User type
+ Limit: Max daily uploads per User type
+ Security: allow site in frames or not
+ Security: banned countries
+ Dynamic RTMP Streaming with JW6 player and RTMP mod (SMIL)

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#2 Postby mdude » Aug 03, 2014 2:49 am

wow I just finished testing it. It gets better and better.


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