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XVideoSharing 1.5 release

#1 Postby PilgrimX182 » Apr 21, 2015 2:16 pm

New demo site of XVS 1.5: http://xvideosharing.com/


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XVS 1.5 (Apr 2015)
* HLS mod with adaptive quality
* Clone upload mod
* Transcoding of video/audio streams without re-encoding when codec/bitrate match conditions
* FastCGI mod: 30% perfomance boost + DB connections pooling
+ Sitemaps: 5000+ files support, Bing ping, robots.txt fix
+ TimeSlider mod: really nice shots transitions effect
+ Fix: avoid serving from OFF SSD server
+ Added fade-in player ads block
+ RTMP mod: faster links generation, optional SMIL/HTTP fallback
+ Re-encoding of videos without Original possible now
+ Limit: Not allowed referers
+ Expiration headers for index / static pages
+ Faster snapshot generation
+ Screenlist / timeslider generation speed improvements
+ FLV encoded with MP3 audio now
* Player skins pack mod
+ HTML::Template::Pro faster templater
+ Much better UTF8 suport
+ Partial IPv6 support
+ Updated jQuery to 1.11.1
+ Memcached mod: fixed folders caching
+ Gmail sending support
+ JW6: embed player now responsive for iframe size + showing title
+ Admin Views page optimizations
+ Admin Search by tag
+ Highlighting HDD high usage/utilization in Servers list
+ Fixed encoding status on Embed page
+ Encoding Status: seconds left info added
+ Admin Featured: improved view, ajax remove
+ Standard menu on all upload pages
+ FTP mod: FTP Upload page with server details
+ MP4Box/yamdi postprocessing for non-encoded MP4/FLV
+ YouTube plugin rewritten
+ New recaptcha mode
+ Subtitles burn option for MKV
+ Download button over video in embeds
+ Now can configure number of views for Tiers
+ Uppercase link code option
+ Progress bar for URL uploads list
+ Admin improvements on Encoding / Transfer queue pages

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#2 Postby meu0 » Apr 27, 2015 9:44 pm

user those have bought script in January would get this updates??

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