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XVS version 1.3

#1 Postby PilgrimX182 » Jul 26, 2013 7:00 am

XVS version 1.3 is released.
Demo is updated: http://xvideosharing.com/

There were many changes in DB fields, so upgrade from old versions is hardly possible.

XVS 1.3 (Jul 2013)
+ Watermark mod: static image mode added
+ Fixed unencoded dupe detection
+ Torrents mod: upgraded to 1.50 version / magnet links support
+ Torrents mod: can view each file progress in torrent, able to exclude files
+ Fixed YouTube leech plugin
+ Smart encoder server choose algorithm
+ Login history page for User
+ Login limits feature: Account sharing + Login throttle
+ Added optional Lanczos video resize
+ Social Login mod: added Google+ authorization
+ Fixed Views referer
+ Mass tag add function
+ Optional auto PremiumOnly option for allowed users
+ Change Password extra page
+ Login as user admin feature
+ Translations now in SQL database
+ Max bitrate limit for CRF mode
+ SRT styling options added
+ Auto video sending speed using video size/duration
+ Mass delete HD/Low/Original versions of videos
+ Delete links are optional now
+ High-bandwidth files admin page
+ Sticky category on upload form
+ Mass Set file extra fields
+ Playing original MP4/FLV while video is encoding
+ Error on video page if encoding failed
+ Auto player height calculation if omitted
+ Tier points with length or filesize
+ Folders merge feature
+ Mass file rename
+ Option to keep original MP4/FLV video without reencoding
+ FLV playing
+ Optional no reencoding for MP4/FLV files
+ Implemented encoding to FLV container
+ deURL mod

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