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Apache Error Log Help

#1 Postby speakerbox » Jun 19, 2013 2:50 pm


We are seeing many error in the log that are identical to this

[Fri Jun 14 23:23:27 2013] [error] [client ] File does not exist: / home/fs/public_html/tmp/490198722750.html, referer: http://fs010.xxxxx.com/tmp/status.html? ... xxxxx.com/

I cannot duplicate the error but I am seeing it often. How can I debug this and fix it?

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#2 Postby Internet Consumer » Jun 22, 2013 9:36 am


Is it the same video? Am not 100% sure but it looks like to me that the video was removed and people still want to view it or if it was encoded it wasn't done right and the server is giving off an error saying sorry but some one tried to encode this and it was wrong (Something like that.). Well that's what i think its saying. Correct me if am wrong if some one knows about the error he or she having.

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