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Custom Changes to Template

#1 Postby pengalor » May 02, 2010 7:00 pm


I have recently purchased the script and I am now working on the template. I have disabled Anonymous Uploads.
What I am looking for is that, instead of showing the usual message ("You must register to upload"), I´d like to display another page ("start.html" in this case).

I have created "start.html" with success as described here:

Now I would like to redirect all anonymous users to "start.html" when they access the site.

I have tried to add a link to "start.html" in index.cgi instead of &UploadForm; on line 141. And it works good. But there is one problem left: Now every user (also the registered ones and the admin) are being redirect to "start.html" when they try to upload.

So what I am looking for is a solution to redirect all anonymous users to "start.html" instead of showing the usual "please register msg", but allow all registered users to use the upload as usual.

I hope some1 is able to help! Regards!

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