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I just Bought this scrit and installed on www.filesforshre.com

I still waiting for the installation of this on my license "Free Rapidshare Leech mod" but also i would like to see if this integration is possible

1.-I want the upload be like www.qooy.com script so the anonymous,register or premium account can be enable o disable this feature so with this the file can be upload to several accounts like my own and for example rapidshare.com, megaupload.com etc and can be able to select or enable by put in the login / passwd of each server

2.-There is around there a script name rapidshot, the concept for me is not bad the said that the server that have the script installed works as midle requester of the file between the server and the client, so the people how doesnt have access to pay accounts on $ or EUR can pay me and i will have thoose accounts so they bring the link from example rapidshre, go to my web put the link and the script will donwload the file with my premiums accounts and also the script will choose a random account to do that if i have more than one rapidshare account or megaupload, etc and also said if somebody donates an account it will become in a premium user for free. so when then download they can choose from where to download

3.- And this short link that its provide from this page http://deurl.me/ can be done but with http://www.linkbucks.com/ and also if can be the default link instead the others but can be enable or disable this feature depending on the account type premiun, register or anonymous

Please let me Know[/quote]

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