XUpload - email confirmation customise <TMPL_VAR value> confusio

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email confirmation customise <TMPL_VAR value> confusio

#1 Postby endee » May 19, 2007 4:37 pm

Trying to change the email sent to admin after a file upload.
All I really need in the email is the filenames
I'm assuming I need to change the confirm_email.html template values, but I don't really understand where/what/how it gets its variables.
Any help much appreciated

<TR<TMPL_IF style> class="style<TMPL_VAR style>"</TMPL_IF>><TD width="1%" nowrap><TMPL_VAR name>:</TD><TD><TMPL_IF value2><TMPL_VAR value2><TMPL_ELSE><TMPL_VAR value></TMPL_IF></TD></TR>

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#2 Postby PilgrimX182 » May 21, 2007 5:26 am

You need to change upload.cgi: find

Code: Select all

   push @har, { name=>"$f->{field_name}",          'value'=>$f->{file_name},     'style'=>$style };
   push @har, { name=>"$f->{field_name}_original", 'value'=>$f->{file_name_orig},'style'=>$style };
   push @har, { name=>"$f->{field_name}_status",   'value'=>$f->{file_status},   'style'=>$style };
   push @har, { name=>"$f->{field_name}_size",     'value'=>$f->{file_size},     'style'=>$style, value2=>sprintf("%.1f",$f->{file_size}/1048576)." Mbytes ($f->{file_size} bytes)" };
   push @har, { name=>"$f->{field_name}_description", 'value'=>$f->{file_descr}, 'style'=>$style } if $c->{enable_file_descr};
   push @har, { name=>"$f->{field_name}_mime",     'value'=>$f->{file_mime},     'style'=>$style };
and comment all lines except first with '#'

also comment this line:

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push @har, { name=>$k, value=>$p, 'style'=>2 };