XFileSharing Pro - Is there paid tech help or have to figure it out myself?

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Is there paid tech help or have to figure it out myself?

#1 Postby joebloggs » Mar 13, 2012 4:41 pm

I understand sibsoft has a lot of customers so it takes them a lot of time to respond in some cases to help requests.

I would buy this script with all of the mods if i though i would be able to use it on my own.

I have run some large sites before but never on my own always with the tech support for simple trading scripts.

This script looks very complex, and especially some of the mods, i can see myself coming unstuck quite often and will not be able to await help from sibsoft in most cases unless they have a paid per incident help?

Do they offer paid per incident instant help or are there experts on here that can be hired to instantly help with things that can be trusted?

The most worrying is even when the site is up and growing, is the additional adding of servers. These need some kind of extra nginx mod?

Our servers usually come from our host to serve html with apache and serve our media files with nginx. Is this the same as the nginx mod as sibsoft mentions? Or is it better to suggest to the host to actually leave off nginx and let sibsoft do their own nginx mod on the servers?

If i need a webserver quickly and sibsoft dont have time to do their nginx mod on the new fileserver im adding will it still work okay to serve files but i will not be able to use the complete download mod and limit bandwidth speed until they do the mod properly??

My last concern is a recent threat when it says multiple ips can login at the same time under the same premium account?>> that is not true is it?

I used to run paysites and they have protection that allows rules like max ip subnets and max through put in BW per account. Can this be set up?

Would setting premium account max speed help? or with multiple ips logging in would that not work, is the speed per ip. Better is speed was per account i guess.

Last question is it legal to hire people to mod this script to do the things you want better or against the tos of using this script? I want to ensure no premium account abusing as much as i can and possibly have a more adaptable payscale to affils. Can you get live contact to sibsoft employees to hire them out to do special tasks like this ?

thanks for any help.

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Re: Is there paid tech help or have to figure it out myself?

#2 Postby admin » Mar 13, 2012 5:16 pm


Thanks for questions (however, most of them were answered in sticky topic of this forum) and I would like to clarify on them:

We provide free script support. That does mean that if there's some bug or script misbehavior - we will help to solve that.

Everything more than that (for example custom mods) is a matter of our availability and will be considered as paid support. Our first priority is after-sale support, script and mods installations, etc.

If you can't handle everything (admin tasks and programming if needed) by yourself - we always recommend to hire someone (admin/programmer) who will be personally responsible for your site. You can't rely _only_ on hosting or script support if you're about to be serious player in that niche.

Most of our successful customers have their own admins (not from hosting company) and programmers who's performing daily maintenance of their site.

That's absolutely legal to mod our scripts. The only thing which is not legal is to redistribute/share them.

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#3 Postby joebloggs » Mar 13, 2012 6:35 pm

Dear Admin,

Thank you very much for your quick and informative reply.

I will try to search for my own paid perl admin if that is needed. If there is a possibility to pay per incident for live admin with sibsoft directly that would be something i would prefer first. I appreciate fully that all support above installation and actually breakdown of standard script should be on a paid per incident basis. I see that $30per hour is very reasonable indeed and would willingly pay this but how quickly can things be done? I am guessing it will depend on the current work load of sibsoft at the time

I know that you must be very busy and may be prefer i find my own perl programmer. Should i try and track down and hire someone that is a perl master? would they need to know also about server admin like nginx apache etc to be able to do new modifications to my script or even fix it if i did something that caused a malfunctioning of my website??

I am very eager to get my site going but dare not even try to launch without having some rapid support behind me since i would not want to damage the name of my website by doing something that caused it to stop working and not be able to get some instant help with it on a paid basis of course. It involves setting up quite a lot of servers so i would start sobbing should it all ended up being down for days with multiple emails from annoyed users.

So yeah sorry this has turned into a bit of a novel...

so just to quickly sum it up.

1. can i hire any perl programmer and he will be able to work with this script? or would he need to know how to apply perl to running a file server or nginx ??

2. does sibsoft have a list of such persons they trust and recommend to work on this script if they are currently fully booked up.

thanks and looking forward to using this script in the near future on my new project.


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#4 Postby Lucifer » Mar 17, 2012 3:21 am

I would like to know the answers of those questions please.

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