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Upload Box modification help

#1 Postby frit » Aug 31, 2012 8:01 pm


I am trying to modify Upload box so that it doesn't pop up the embed code in new windows. I want to do this because Popups are blocked by almost all browsers.

I suspect his line of the code is doing this. I tried to change it on upload.cgi. aperantly it is not there. If you know how to change this or how to make embed code apear in same window, please let me know:

CODE: (This only apear one i upload a file. I got the code from Google chrome inspect element. I suspect it the _parent value for target doing it.)

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<form name="F1" action="http://imgblend.com/box" target="_parent" method="POST"><textarea name="fn">b1bej4i6t8gp</textarea><textarea name="st">OK</textarea><textarea name="op">upload_result</textarea><textarea name="xbg">FFFFFF</textarea><textarea name="xtxt">FFFFFF</textarea></form>

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