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XUpload Pro 2.2 Released

#1 Postby admin » Sep 15, 2006 6:15 am


today we release new version of XUpload Pro - version 2.2.
What's new in this version?

* Implemented speed bar graph
* Configurable ability to add comment to every file
* Added Inline2 progress bar window mode
* Added post.php params catcher example
+ Messages window became scrollable to save up space
+ POSTing client IP & upload duration
+ post.php example implemented
+ Old Perl versions (including 5.005) support

The most noticeable feature is the upload speed graph, which will show momentary upload speed and it's graphic representation using vertical bars.

Check this out and give us your feedback.

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Great Script "Xupload Pro 2.2"

#2 Postby Butch » Sep 27, 2006 12:36 pm

This is a great script! Most importantly IT WORKS!!!

Set file upload size to your specifications from 0 to unlimited. Users can monitor upload process with the progress bar.

Limit file types, add as many file types as you like, and/or upload all file types.

Set the number of files to upload at one time.

Description fields for each file.

They will install your script for you at no additional charge.

Fast replies on Forum.

Will fit into the page design of your website.

Works in all popular bowsers, both Mac & PC

Sends email notification of new upload (email fields are defined and well thought out by the author so that junk mail filters filter junk mail not your notifications of upload)

Displays progress within your page, no need for pop-up windows that some people may be blocking within their browser.

Script is actively supported.

Will upload files with no file extension if so set.

Password protection.

Excellent error routines.

Have tried serval other upload scripts, XUpload Pro is far superior!!!!